About Me


I'm a graduate of University of Florida with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and a minor in East Asian Language & Literature focusing on Mandarin. I am passionate about art, immersive design, interculturality, and complexity of human experiences. In my years spent in the field I lived in 3 countries. It taught me how important being conscious of the context in which one lives in is and made me very observant to the nuances of design as a discipline.

My curiosity of the world always made me interested in new areas which allowed me to artistically develop in various areas outside of design such as Chinese calligraphy and tattooing. This passion for learning new skills and finding new ways of expression makes me a very motivated learner always striving to incorporate new software and tools in my professional practice.

I enjoy working with audience-oriented projects and believes that the potential of interactivity and dialogue in design is a crucial part to a work’s success. My design process is focused on research and human-centered approach which allows me to design from a place of empathy and awareness. I always appreciate feedback and in every project and seek it from professionals and people from other fields alike. I am always up for a challenge and am not afraid to try myself in an unfamiliar area.