UI/UX - Research - Branding

Role: UI/UX designer, researcher

A portal connecting small sustainable apparel businesses with creatives to collaborate on promotional materials.


The current state of the fashion industry overwhelmingly consists of fast fashion brands. Sustainable brands are usually smaller, more expensive, spend more money in their production chain, and aren't as popular. As textiles are one of the biggest reasons for microplastics in the ocean, the need for sustainable fashion and awareness of it grows each day.

An infographic designed as a method of gathering information about the issue

Research & Ideation

Through primary and secondary research I had done for this project, I found that main issues with fast-fashion oversaturating the market are:

  • lack of consumer awareness about harms of fast-fashion
  • overconsumption
  • difficulty finding sustainable fashion brands
  • the higher cost of sustainably made apparel (despite better longevity over time)
  • I decided that my solution should focus on increasing the exposure of sustainable clothing brands through implementing good design in their promotional materials.


    Creatly’s logo is designed around the idea of creativity and diversity of style by implementing a unique typeface for each letter. The chosen colours are also tested for contrast and different types of colourblindess to ensure that the website was inclusive and available to people with visual impairments. These colours were paired together with clean, timeless typefaces to create an experience that would aesthetically link the two groups of users on the platform.

    UI Kit

    Website elements are designed to adhere to industry standards. Both sets of kits are also code-ready for easy implementation during front-end development. Creatly's buttons and icons are simple, in order to aid the users in navigating the complex platform UX as well as to further establish the branding.


    One of creatly’s core tasks is to foster clear communication between brands and creatives. I wanted to ensure that their time spent on the website is purposeful and useful. With that in mind, the dashboard for both types of users was similar, yet distinct to ensure that the features were relevant to each.

    The main focus lies on the projects part of dashboard that has alternatively either a list or a calendar view of the project and tasks related to them. It can also direct each party to more specific information regarding each project and a shortcut to direct message people involved with a specific project or task.

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