The Luminism Fōstival

UI/UX - Branding

Role: UI/UX designer

Website for an international light festival celebrating light art and nature.

Festival concept

Open air light installations are one of my favourite art forms. When I started developing my idea for this project, I wanted to design a website for an event I would genuinely follow yearly. Coming from a city of Łódź, Poland, where every year we have an urban light festival sparked my idea of highlighting light art's potential in connection with nature. As someone who travels a lot and who pays great attention to flora around the world, I thought creating my dream festival would give me the opportunity to create visuals tied to my two favourite subject matters.

Vision boards made in the process of developing the festival idea


Since the festival would happen in a different park and a different country each year, I wanted to develop a visual system that would have a consistent base, but that would be able to be customisable for each edition. Colourful gradients and isometric flower-inspired shapes would be the main customised aspect of every year.

Developing screens

In order to create a cohesive design across pages with different purposes, a low and mid fidelity screens were developed to help with planning.

Final screens and design

For the final screens I applied the earlier developed branding and made sure to create interactive elements that enhance the theme of the festival itself adding another layer of user experience to the site. Light is something that is very ephemeral and occupies space in a gentle, yet noticeable way. I wanted buttons and micro-animations to convey that relation to light art. On the festival's website interactive elements draw the user's attention with subtle glows.

Hover effects and micro-animations included in the UI that enhance the festival's theme.


Mobile version of the website was very important for this project as it was crucial for the users to be able to access logistical information about the festival on the go.

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