UI/UX - Event identity - Motion - Teamwork

Role: co-designer, UI/UX designer, motion artist

Proposal for a contemporary music festival that focuses around experiencing music in an immersive environment and building a supportive community.


The goal of XHILO’s branding was to create a distinguishable identity people would easily recognise. While discussing our own needs when attending festivals, my teammates and I noticed that festivals often don’t deliberately offer many opportunities to easily meet new people, as the majority of attendees already arrives in their own groups. We wanted to create a brand for a festival that would promote that, and allow people to feel that they all are a part of a bigger XHILO community.

The visual language created as a part of our team effort

Personas & Community

XHILO’s target audience are young adults who are seeking an event connecting their passion for music and their need of finding meaningful connections with others through common experiences.

Motion Graphics

Expanding our design system into the realm of animation was an important part to highlighting the festival’s immersive aspect. Including motion helped emphasise the time aspect of immersion.


As a teaser for the social media account I worked in Blender to develop a 3D animation incorporating our main symbol followed by the festival’s name. The animation together with the sound conveys the excitement for the event and sets the expectations for its progression.


Using visuals beyond the still posters designed by one of my project partners, was identified as an important aspect of drawing in a young demographic and making them interested in the festival. I transformed the posters to be motion graphics that could advertise XHILO on social media and other digital platforms.

By creating simple, dynamic animations, the posters promote the event and engage the viewers with the content.

Event app

The app helps with immersion and moving around the festival. It serves as the attendees’ aid in all stages of XHILO: preparation before, participation during, and reminiscing after. It helps facilitate connection to the festival itself. It functions both as a personal hub for the participant’s schedule and interesting activities, and as a platform to connect people with one another.

Information architecture

FigJam file with information architecture map done for each stage of the festival experience

Before attending

The personal preferences selected in the beginning of the app experience serve as data for the app’s AI to suggest people and experiences that might be of interest to the user. The applied machine learning would personalise everything from concert suggestions, through people to connect with, to social activites the user could participate in.

During the event

This part of the app experience focuses on participation and management of concerts and activities. Some of the main features of this stage are a calendar with favourited events, event map, and programme page suggesting new events.

Staying connected

Once XHILO festival is over, the attendees are able to browse highlights from their friends, access statistics on attendance during different events, and be able to sign up for a waiting list to purchase tickets for the next edition.

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